Perplexing Pension Predicaments

Date Published:
October 24, 2017

The Morning Run crew gives you their take on today’s business headlines:

0:09 – Malaysia has retained its C rating in this year’s Melbourne Mercer Global Pension Index. This is ahead of most Asian countries, but still with lots of room for improvement. According to Mercer, Malaysia’s overall index value saw an increase from last year’s 55.7 points to this year’s 57.7 points. At 57.7, it is slightly below the average of 59.9. Malaysia scored higher than average for integrity and sustainability but was lower than average on adequacy. The study also found that there are still far too many Malaysians without access to any form of pension savings. We also talk about the sustainability factor for pension funds and whether Malaysians have sufficient funds when they eventually retire.

5:59 – The EPF has the said it is not disposing its stake in PLUS.

07:18 – Top Glove Corp Bhd is said to be acquiring the privately held surgical glove operations of Adventa Bhd. Speculation has been rife on on which company is an acquisition target for Top Glove after its executive chairman Tan Sri Lim Wee Chai told media last week that the group is set to announce a major acquisition soon that could cost more than a billion ringgit. Another potential acquisition target for Top Glove is Supermax Corp Bhd.

9:02 – Singapore will not allow any growth in its car population from February 2018, citing the small city state’s land scarcity and billions of dollars in planned public transport investments.


Presented by: Joyce Goh , Khoo Hsu Chuang , Sharaad Kuttan

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