Brave New World

Date Published:
July 1, 1997

Long after its publication, the cleverly design Rhino Press collection, was virtually impossible to find in any bookstore until a chance sighting in a university bookstore in section 14 Petaling Jaya. I treasure it because so many of these little publishing efforts just get lost in drift, and we forget to cherish them. The one book in on the collection I was invested in was Nadiah Bamadhaj’s ‘Aksi Writes” which is about her late brother, killed in the Dili Massacre in then Timor Timur (Indonesia), and whose tragic death I had written about for Men’s Review earlier. We spoked about her contribution to the collection, recounting her brother’s journey, the use of his diaries and the purpose of writing as she generously notes in the forward to the book. In Kamal’s death I saw the fragility of my own youth, its passions. As a journalist, its difficult to detached oneself from the people you encounter or write about.

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