Did China Kacau Us? [Headlines]

Date Published:
October 2, 2015

The Highlights!

1. Khir Toyo has finally begun to serve time for his corruption conviction.

2. Indonesian President Joko Widodo says it will take 3 years to solve the problem of its burning peat forests that has been blanketing the region in hazardous smoke for the last 17 years.

3. Kelana Jaya MP, Wong Chen, noted that Dept of Environment had in 2012 said it would be upgrading the Pollution monitoring system to include measuring smaller particles by 2016.

And our main story for the week is about China Ambassador, Dr Huang Huikang. He made a visit to Petaling Street in celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival by giving mooncake to the locals. However, it stirred up quite buzz within the government and organisations; therefore, making our relationship with China a shaky one. Was this all just a misunderstanding though? We’ll let Sharaad bring you the latest Headlines today!

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