Lee Kuan Yew – Patriot of the Will

Date Published:
November 29, 2015

Lee Kuan Yew’s passing earlier this year was met with sadness and reverence from the Singaporean public. Over five decades, the island state has been shaped by the late premier’s vision and aspirations for a country coping after a post-Malaya split. We explore the very personal aspects of Lee Kuan Yew through the eyes of an author whose book is banned on Singaporean shores.

Here are the segments of the program:

Asia Calling 1 – Child Pornography in Pakistan
Asia Calling 2 – Temple of Tolerance in Indonesia
Lee Kuan Yew – Patriot of the Will


This program was produced by Aziff Azuddin, Aisyah Tajuddin, Sharyl Kaur, and Muhammad Haniff Baharudin.

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