Looking Forward – 2015

Date Published:
January 2, 2015

We look at 5 stories that we think will shape Malaysia in profound ways in 2015. In the run up to the implementation of the Goods and Services Tax starting April this year comes with the spectre of decreased oil prices and a sharp drop in oil revenues. It will certainly hit our pockets but will it hit Barisan Nasional’s political fortunes too? We look at the Election Commission and re-delineation exercise: Will it affect electoral dynamics and will it lead to a more representative legislature? Also central to the direction of the country for decades to come is the attempt to expand of the Syariah Court system and an expected private members Bill that will usher in Hudud in Kelantan. And finally we take a look at Malaysia on a regional stage with its Chair of ASEAN.


Annabelle Lee contributed to this report.

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