NSC Act 2016 – In Fraudem Legis?

Date Published:
June 10, 2016

The National Security Council Act 2016 passed into law on Tuesday, without receiving royal assent. For the first time, an Act was gazetted without royal assent using Article 66(4A) of the Federal Constitution. This provision in the law allows a Bill that does not receive the King’s express formal endorsement, to automatically become law after 30 days. Today we look at the concerns regarding the National Security Council, returning to the 80s Constitutional crisis and the post-May 13th National Operations Council as reference points. We also ask if it is true that what the then Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohammad tried and failed to do decades ago, the current PM has achieved. And following these concerns can the Act be challenged in court as unconstitutional.

“In Fraudem Legis” is a latin expression meaning “in circumvention of the Rule of Law”.


This report is by Sharaad Kuttan.

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