PAS at the Crossroads [Headlines]

Date Published:
February 27, 2015


1. Four out of the five sons of the late PM Tun Abdul Razak released a statement on Tuesday dismissing talk of a large inheritance left by their father. They say that their father had a reputation for frugality and integrity. They were responding to the PMO statement to the New York Times article on the alleged massive wealth of the Najib Razak’s family.

2. Meanwhile, the Obedient Wives Club Malaysia has rebrand itself. Why rebrand? NOTHING TRIPS OFF THE TONGUE BETTER THAN OBW.

3. Terengganu plans to parade Muslims who skip Friday prayers around town in hearses as penalty.

4. The Syariah High Court discharged Borders bookstore manager, Nik Raina Nik Abdul Aziz.

5. The story of the week is about love and hate for and in Parti Islam SeMalaysia. UMNO President Najib Razak declared that his party will not be contesting the Chempaka by-elections to focus on post-flood reconstruction efforts and also for Malay unity. The by-elections are being called following the death of former PAS Spiritual leader and MB of Kelantan Nik Aziz Nik Mat.

Sharaad talks about 4 aspects PAS currently faces, including factionalism, ties with UMNO, the implementation of Hudud and so on.


Host : Sharaad Kuttan

Producer : Josh Wong

Researcher : Melanie Abraham

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