The People Accuse

SAKSI is a site for independent journalism. Our first issue focuses on September 20, 1998 when a massive demonstration took place in Kuala Lumpur. Features, opinions, photography and other stories analyse and document the events of the day and subsequent developments. SAKSI is a monthly magazine that is constantly updated.

This first edition of was found using the Wayback Machine with a good number of images and articles still available. I have rather crudely photographed the pages as they appeared on my desktop until such time I learn how to do a screen shot. With many of the contributors named stood out in a growing and perhaps more popular field of anti government websites like Mahazalim and Mahafiraun. With the exception of M.N, who I can’t recall, everyone including the late Rehman Rashid, is named. There were people who contributed money to the project as well for which I will have to do some research.