The “Off Our Backs” column rotated among four women writers – Susanna George, Dina Zaman, Tan Beng Hui, Sheryll Stothard – and was handled by one of the Megazine editors Kean Wong. And it was only when one of them failed to send in their contributions that I was asked to make my contributions to what as a feminist column. While this contribution didn’t excite any interest, I did write one titled “New Age Dog“- inspired by a trip to Rennie’s House of Oxtail, off Jalan Gasing – which earned Susanna’s ire. We didn’t know each other but I swear she told Kean that I was a piece of dog shit or at the very least, what I had written was dog shit. We warmed up to each other later.

From The Sun pull-out “Megazine”.