Where it’s at in post-crisis Malaysia

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The Wayback Machine has been an invaluable tool to recover some of the materials and images from the saksi.com project. This landing page and the Editorial reflects both the naivety, passions and aesthetics of the time as well as the people who contributed to its pages, often anonymously.

What did we mean by terms like ‘democratic destiny’: “We at Saksi see the need to shift our focus away from the immediacy of party politics and explore a more three dimensional Malaysia. In doing so we may discern the direction it is heading in and become witness to its struggle towards its democratic, secular destiny.”

I am certain there is bound copy of all we ever did on saksi.com but it fate remains a mystery. Until its discovered I will have to excavate all I can from this site. Sumitra Visvanathan we the webmaster and over a long night, with whiskey in hand and her many cats, editions of saksi.com would be built. It was later that saksi.com would transform itself into the RadiqRadio project, the Nada Nasional news programme and the Center For Independent Journalism.

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