Rumours of Urban Careers

Date Published:
April 29, 2017

“Fresh off their respective trips to Vietnam, our esteemed guests Ong Jo Lene and Sharaad Kuttan flesh out their cultural observations on the country, ranging from gentrification to the coolest hangouts in Saigon. Kam Raslan then sheds light on the back story to Fleetwood Mac’s excellent album Rumours (1977) to give some context to the beautiful record.”

This episode of A Bit Of Culture allowed me to speak about my trip to Ho Chi Minh City/ Saigon which I saw through the lens of a local artists collective and friends who were there. I had been to Hanoi before and had a similar experience of speaking to artists though the photos I took during my Hanoi trip were lost.

The photo gallery shows images spoken about in the show in particular the artist home bar CuRu.


Photos by Sharaad Kuttan

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